Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Joy Undescribeable

Our new prompt is "What brings me joy in my God-sized dream?" As I sit and think this through I look back on when we started this journey and it brings me joy to see how I have grown to look for God in all my situations. It is turning out to be an awesome journey. I thought I didn't have a God-sized dream and as I look back over the last weeks I see God drawing me to Himself in such a loving way it is breath-taking.

I thought when I started that I knew God. To have a God-sized dream you have to know the one that is giving the dream, so I thought I knew God. But as I have traveled these last few weeks I have searched for this dream but what I found was the wonder and awe of our awesome Father. The way he speaks to my heart at just the moment I need that encouragement. The sweet sister dreamers that leave comments that spur me on to seek more of this dream journey that I have taken. The words that Holley leaves each day that make me sit and think and nod my head in agreement. This all brings me joy.

Just to know that God is changing me {I am not sure if anyone else is seeing the change in me but I can see it as clear as the type on this page} that he loves me so much that he is revealing himself everywhere I look, how awesome is that? That, is the joy is this awesome journey. Thank you all for your part in my journey.

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