Tuesday, September 24, 2013


One day Peter and John were going up to the temple at the time of prayer—at three in the afternoon.  Now a man who was lame from birth was being carried to the temple gate called Beautiful, where he was put every day to beg from those going into the temple courts.
Act 3:1-3
As I was reading my devotion for the day I was drawn to the word Beautiful. Here was this man, he was 40 years old and every day some one or probably a few some ones brought him here to this gate called Beautiful. Here he sat begging passersby for a few extra coins. He was pretty much invisible to all that passed. If you continue to read the story it says that Peter and John were the ones that were the passers that day. He was so used to people passing not noticing him he didn't even look at them.
He had to be asked to look up at Peter and John. He took a risk and looked up not sure what he expected these men to do. He asked them for a "donation" but the first words he heard were "silver and gold we don't have". Ah, so these men weren't going to give him any coins. Were they going to make fun, say how sorry they were he was like he was, throw something at him and walk away laughing? I am sure he had experienced it all before. It was so much easier to be invisible.
The men continued talking and said "in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise and walk. The man didn't stop there he gave him a hand and helped him stand up. Can you imagine his surprise and unabashed joy when his legs held him, no pain, and not only held but made it possible to walk. Well, he was so thrilled he not only walked but at 40 years of age he was leaping into the air, jumping, and praising God. He hadn't let go of Peter or John so I am sure they made quite a site as they entered the temple.
I don't know about you but there are many times I feel invisible. The "passersby" don't see me though I have been there for a long time. Perhaps you are ill, widowed, divorced, or just lonely { not that lonely is a "just"} or any number of other possibilities that make you feel invisible. There is a place called Beautiful where we can go. The arms of Jesus are outstretched waiting for us to look up and into his eyes of love.
No matter where you are today, He is waiting for you to look up. You are not invisible or alone. Are you ready to start leaping and jumping today? He is waiting to take your hand!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Yesterday was a day many Americans will not soon forget. The Navy Yard in Washington D. C. was under attack by an employee. It is a day I will not soon forget, it was a testing of my faith in the God I profess to be the One that is in control. You see my son works there!

I have read the story of Job and how God was pleased with him and how the enemy wanted to prove God wrong. Job lost everything! {there is a very happy ending to the story!} I felt bad for Job and have tried to understand his friends {with friends like his who needs enemies} but I don't think I was able to empathize with Job. Yesterday I was able to ponder what it must have been like to be him.

I was just finishing up with my daily devotions and going to check out the news before I woke my husband and started my day, when I saw "shooting at the Navy Yard" as a headline. Thought I would check it out and it was live coverage. {gotta love the news channels} I started to watch and then it hit me this is where my son works. As I was drawn into the news broadcasters words of fear and dread I had to pull away from the news to go to the Father and ask for protection for my son. The announcement that there were 3 dead and some injured made me pray again. The phone rang and it was my other son calling with a sense of panic in his voice saying he was headed home to calm his wife and try to decide what to do. {He also lives in the DC area} He tried to reassure me that my son was surly in another building and safe, but he couldn't raise him on his cell. {has the beginnings of one of Job's friends.} He told me he had called the Navy Yard as there was a number on the screen, but couldn't get them to answer. He was going to continue to keep trying. Hmm, his response was to seek the aid of man. My first response was to seek the One that had this situation in His hands. I didn't call the Navy Yard.{being a Mom would have more weight that a brother} I called and text my "family", those that love God and are called by him. I didn't feel the panic I heard in my son. I just asked for prayer. My "family" responded quickly and reassuringly.

I did have a peace. I know it sounds strange but my husband and I went about our day. We had placed it all in God's hands and knew we could do nothing.{except pray} The day turned into evening with no word from our son. {I had send him a voicemail telling him we were praying for him} If you listen to only what the news tells you, you can become very frightened.{there were now 13 dead} We were watching the news and the fear was starting to creep in. It is very important in times like these that we keep our eyes on the one in control. {Just as Peter looked at the waves and started to sink, the news took my eyes off of the protection the Lord had provided all day.} I once again went to the Lord.

Finally, we got the call we had waited to hear all day, our son called and said he had made it home. He sounded exhausted, worn, but relived to be home. We praised God for his faithfulness and prayed for those who didn't get that call. You see our son hasn't asked the Lord into his heart. There is still time for him. As long as he is breathing we will continue to pray for God to reveal Himself to him.

Please if you don't know Christ as your Savior, seek him out. Find out for yourself who He is. While you still have breath. You never know what the next moment will bring.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

El Roi

I am struggling to put my racing thoughts into words today. I have deleted time and again what I want to say. Hopefully this time I will convey my thoughts in a way that will express the awe and wonder I have discovered this morning.

I was reading in John 4 today about the woman at the well. If you are not familiar with it, it tells of a woman that goes to the well to collect water for the day. She doesn't go when the other women go as she is not "one of their kind". She must go and collect by herself to avoid the ridicule and biting remarks of others. She meets Jesus, who is tired, hungry and thirsty. They have a conversation and she is amazed by him that first he sees her and then speaks to her. The most amazing part is that when he asks her to go and call her husband and come back she is brought back to earth as she is living with a man who is not her husband and has had 5 husbands already. The shame and embarrassment arises. Jesus tells her she he knows of the 5 and the one she is living with and she only had said she didn't have a husband. Jesus met her right where she was. She is so excited she runs and tells the whole town, "come and see the one who told me everything I have ever done"! Jesus knew all that had taken place in this woman's life, yet offered her life.

Then I remembered Hagar Genesis 16 as she fled from Sarai to the desert to die. She encountered an angel that asked her where she was going. She told him and the angel and he said that God had seen her pain. She called God El Roi the God who sees.

In both cases God saw the pain that others refused to acknowledge or want to be around. He offered life and release from that pain. Are you feeling dejected, or the pain of loneliness, or some other pain? There is a God who sees you and has wonders to offer you. All you need do is seek Him.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Treasure Hunt

It is so exciting to have grandchildren! My husband celebrated his birthday over the weekend and we spent that time with two of our precious grandchildren.

When we arrived our granddaughter informed my husband that she had prepared a Treasure Hunt for his birthday. {keep in mind she is 6 years old} Well, we hadn't even taken our shoes off or told everyone hello and she wanted him to go on this great hunt she had prepared. Mom said in a little while. You know what that means to a 6 year old, "I must wait an eternity." So she piped down and we got the greetings out of the way. She would casually interject the "hunt" into each conversation. I had to use the restroom and not knowingly stumbled on the final clue, where X marks the spot, and was quickly told to close my eyes while the "spot" was relocated. Didn't know it was even there until I had to shut my eyes!

I noticed she could stand it no longer and asked my husband to go on his treasure hunt. I thought it was to be his alone, being his birthday and all, but once again I was sadly mistaken. We ALL were to go on this hunt. So we all followed along behind her and my husband. She was the leader, {well she did know where each clue was after all} and my husband was trying to keep up. She would hover around where she knew a clue was and as my husband wasn't quite fast enough she would scoop up the clue and read where to go next. Then the procession would continue to the next clue. It was such fun as the closer to the prize the more excited she became. We finally made it to the "relocated" X and my husband found the prize. This was all her idea and the clues were in her hand writing. What fun!

As I sit and think about such a thoughtful child and how she wanted her "Fafa" to have a wonderful present and to search with her, I think of how God must see His children. He as placed a guide in our hands, the Bible, and He continues to lead us I am sure with such excitement as I witnessed on my granddaughter's face is on His face! Can you see Him as we discover truths that He has hidden for us to find? Like the truth, "I will NEVER abandon you." Hebrews 13:5, or "My plan for your future is filled with hope" Jeremiah 29:11. He has hidden so many wonderful treasures in His word and He can't wait for us to find them. Just like my granddaughter who was hardly able to contain herself for us to get started on that hunt, God is hardly able to contain the love He has for us and the treasures that await us on the "Greatest Treasure Hunt" of all. Why don't you start today and find a clue to your next treasure!