Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Are You Hitched to the Wrong Wagon?

This is a picture of a yoke. It is used to put two animals together so that the load that is being hauled will be lighter for the animals and easier to pull. It also keeps the two animals going in the same direction.

Matthew 11:29

 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

I used to dislike reading the first part of the above verse. I just wanted to find that rest for my weary soul. You too? I was hoping for an easy way to that rest.

As I started to read it more carefully I had to envision the yoke. I knew what it looked like with two oxen where the holes were and how they seemed to be plodding along in the field with some sort of wagon or plow behind them and that did not look too restful. Not something I wanted to get involved in to find that much needed rest.

But as I reread the first part again, Jesus is talking to us and he is in the one open hole, waiting for someone to join him in the other. {I was wondering what yoke He was in?} Then I pictured my head in the open hole with Jesus in the other one. Instead of trying to do life on my own with my own strength I was now paired with the King of kings and the Creator of all things as my partner!

He is now teaching me his ways of gentleness and humility and I am using His strength to walk through each day. It is  so amazing! How could I have missed this invitation to be hitched to Jesus and walk through the most difficult of days and never have to do life alone? Each morning I "hitch up" in the yoke with Jesus and we go through each day and His strength is all I seem to need. 

Are you doing life on your own? "Hitch" your life to the only one that has the strength to see  you through and never gets weary. Now this is something to be thankful for. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight.

This is a hard season in my life. Trust is as hard to come by as "hen's teeth" as my mom would have said. Have you been at this address? hmmm.

I needed to make sure that I understood the meaning of trust so I checked it out.
    a. reliance on the integrity, strength, and ability of a person
    b. confident expectation

Well, if I plug that into the verse in Proverbs it tells me to rely on the integrity, strength, and ability of the LORD with everything I have. Don't rely on what I am understanding of the situation. In every situation, every turn of events, I am to give it all to the LORD and he will make this crooked lane straight.

I need to start each day with confident expectations that the One that is leading me knows where we are going and He has the strength to get me there.

I can see the child on the edge of the pool and the father in the pool with outstretched arms gently telling her to jump he will catch her. The thoughts of that little girl rush across her face. Fear,great and scary thoughts of plunging into the water that is over her head and the thought of never coming up again. [shiver] But then in the next moment you see her little face staring into the eyes of her loving father with his hands outstretched and a new expression lights up her face just before she jumps into those strong waiting arms, TRUST!

I feel like that little girl on the edge of the pool. My Father has his strong arms open and he calls my name and says he will catch me. All I have to do is choose to trust him. I have a choice, stay here on the deck of the pool or jump with abandon and let those strong arms catch me and make this "path straight." I think I will jump, are you able to jump into his waiting arms also? 

Choose to trust!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Are you a planner? Do you have a daytime planner you faithful use? Is your calendar filled with places to go and people to see?

You aren’t alone in this endeavor to keep up with this fast paced world we live in. We don’t want to miss a doctor’s appointment or lunch with a friend, or your child’s holiday play.

Did you know that Jesus was a planner! Yep he had appointments that he kept. He had an appointment with a woman that was not a favorite in her town. But Jesus had the appointment in his “day planner” to meet the woman of Sychar at the well and tell her about living water that never runs out that is eternal life.

He also had an appointment with a guy that was living in a cemetery and was a little “off”. But Jesus had this guy in his plans and took a boat to where he was and healed him of the demons that held him captive. This was his plan for the day and he always keeps his promise to be there.

Did you know you are on Jesus’ “day planner”? He has left you word, did you get it? In Jeremiah he says,

“I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Don’t miss what he has for you today. Check out his letters to you in the Bible. He has so much love waiting for you to find.

Is He on your planner for today?

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


I am not sure where you live but here it is skunk season! That doesn't mean that you can hunt them and have  a skunk pelt hanging on your wall. No this is the time of year that these pesky critters are passing through town.

The other evening my husband and I were enjoying some quiet time when I gasped and he immediately put his hand on his face so he could catch his breath. We were inside, minding our own business when a skunk decided to either attack our home or make it his own territory. Doesn't matter which one the outcome is the same, smelly.

I am not sure if you have ever smelled a skunk that wasn't road kill [a lot of the smell is gone from these guys] but they will suck the breath right out of you and you pray you won't have to take another one anytime soon.

Somehow our dog didn't seem to get the memo to stay away from anywhere that a skunk has been and she rolled in the grass and was now covered in that awful smell. Well, we had just burnt scented candles and sprayed the inside of the house so we could breath and in comes the dog. It was like opening the door to the skunk to stroll into our home. We sent the dog packing and lite the candles and got out the spray bottle once again.

Our daughter gave a much needed treated bath to the dog and she smelled somewhat better but we didn't allow her into our little place again. Thinking the breeze outside would be the best ticket to chase away the rest of the smell.

Don't you know the very next day she rolled in the stink again! We were just getting to the place where we would allow her back in to our little abode and all over again the smell wafted in as she strutted into our home. We ushered her right outside and she stared at us as if to ask, "What's up?"

Repeat of the bath with vinegar and some other marvelous ingredients. She is now in the house in her usual place and all is well.

Got me to thinking about sin. We seem to get the "stink" of it all over us and need to be bathed in forgiveness. God tells us in Acts 10:43
 Everyone who believes in Jesus will have their sins forgiven through his name. All the prophets agree that this is true.”

We are told that he washes us clean and we are free from the "stink" of sin. The only thing we need to keep in mind is that we don't want to hang out where the "stink" of sin is and get covered again. However, just like our dog got that second bath God is able to forgive us again and help us turn around and head in a new direction. God is so good. Ask him to help  you to stay away from the "stink" of sin and he will gladly help you.

Don't let it be skunk season where you live!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

This is Me Being Careful

My grand daughters like to come to our little place after school for a treat. I have just recently had surgery so I am like a pillow on the couch, stationary. I have this crazy giant Christmas ball made of ceramic that I won 4 years ago at one of those parties. It's not so much the ornament that has the attachment but the friends I remember that holds my sweet memories. So when my tiny [please never tell her I called her that] grand daughter comes to get her treat I always say,"Please be careful." to which she responds, "This is me being careful!' {what a trip? Right!}

Sometimes I feel like my grand daughter when I talk to God about forgiveness. "This is me God being very careful".  I am not having so much trouble forgiving others. I realize this is a choice and I choose to forgive. I know [from experience] that if I don't choose to forgive it really only hurts me. [you found that out also? Why didn't you share this?]

The part I am struggling with is to forgive me. Not forgiving is like being on a tread mill.  You can run till you drop but you will never get to the corner stop on that tread mill. I [and you too if you struggle with forgiving yourself.] need to stop reliving the past and let it go. Just like that tread mill trying to fix something that is in my past will never get me there. I need to start today and accept the forgiveness that God has already given me. [see I have already ask for forgiveness for this before.] Someone once told me it was like slapping God in the face when I didn't accept His forgiveness the first time.[that just added to my guilt didn't make it better!]

I just read in one of my devotions this morning that when I accept the forgiveness of God he separates me from this sin. I don't have to FEEL forgiven. My feelings are not important, my obedience, however, is. God supplies the forgiveness. If you don't take anything away from this blog today, please take this "Forgiveness is our greatest need and God's greatest gift." [this is from Girlfriends in God devotion today.]

I choose this day to live life with abandon and accept God at his word. I am jumping off the tread mill, and not telling God any more, "This is me being careful, God", instead " This is me choosing to accept your forgiveness God and living with abandon."

Care to join me?

Thursday, September 17, 2015

I'm Losing my Appetite!

I just love the way my, just a day ago, 6 year old granddaughter has a way with words. She is now in Kindergarten and when she and her sister come home from school they are hungry. [School and all that work you know!]
My daughter picks them up from her job. They always race into the house. They go UP the stairs and get ready for their after school snack. My daughter made the mistake of coming  DOWN the stairs to check on me. [just had surgery last week] We were talking about our day when I hear this voice that is not very happy we are talking, tell her mom, " I'm losing my appetite.". I had to send my daughter UP the stairs to make sure that little girl didn't "lose her appetite." I was giggling and smiling all the way to bed. What a trip!

As I was doing my Bible study today in Luke 8:40-48 I started to think of people that were "losing their appetite" with Jesus. They had been waiting for him to return on his boat trip across the lake. There were so many people there that it says they almost crushed him. What had whet their appetite? Were they looking for that healing touch that he had done in so many towns before? Did they want him to personally touch them for something specific? All the crush and shove and he is asking about someone touching him. He is kidding right? It had to be like a rock concert at the entry way. Then he stops to talk to a WOMAN! Come on Jesus "I'm losing my appetite here".

Is this the way we approach Jesus? We have a need, job, financial, sickness, [put that need of yours here] and we start the crush. We need an answer right now and if not do we "lose our appetite"? Do we start to doubt? Do we decide we need to take care of things ourselves?

We need to remember what 2 Corinthians 9:8 tells us

"And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things, at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work."

God is making sure you have all you need so you don't "lose  your appetite". Keep your eyes on Him and not your situation, He is more than able. He adores you.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Just One of Those Days

Have you ever had one of those days? The Internet is flat line, your brain just won't kick in, your fingers have forgotten where the keys on your laptop reside. Do you just want to scream and throw things. This is how my day is going. I thought I knew what I wanted to write about here but with all this above happening I have completely forgotten.

Oh, yes it is to encourage others. Perhaps I am the one that needs the encouragement!

I turn to God's word and there is encouragement. Psalm :46:10 tells me to be still and know that He is God. Trying to g.t still.[knowing everyone else has already posted to Holley's blog] O,k not quite there yet.

Psalm 37:7 tells me to "Be still. Be patient.[doesn't God know I am way behind?] Wait for the Lord to act. Don't be upset when other people succeed. Are you talking about being the last to post Lord? {just so you know I just lost everything and am starting over.]

Have you ever been here? Were you frustrated to your last nerve? God is saying "Be still." I know we find that almost impossible. Our minds are running into tomorrow and beyond. But if you can just close you eyes and listen he is talking to you. Be still my daughter, it will all be there is a few more minutes. Take a deep breath and breathe me in. I am your rock, I am your shield, I am your Savior, I am the Good Shepherd, what more do you need.

Can you feel your shoulders relax? Do you feel your heart rate slowing down? Is what you are doing earth shattering? I thought so.

God never leaves you even on days like today, when all seems to go haywire. He is still in control and wants  you to lean in and allow him to still you and feel his love.

I am going to go and just be still. Looks like I do have a post after all. Let God be your Rock and Shield today.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


I want so much for you to hear this today and to take it in and make it your own. I am so excited to finally have this in my heart I just want everyone to know this truth.

Have you ever been chosen first for something. Maybe it was to be picked in school to be on the winning team. Maybe you ran for some position in High School and you were selected by your peers to represent them. Perhaps you were chosen for the choice job at work. CHOSEN, makes you feel good doesn't it? Makes you feel very special.

Do you know if you are a  Christ follower, God, the Creator of all, has CHOSEN you. You may have thought that you made a decision to choose God but He was the one that chose you before you were even here on earth!

If you go to Romans 9:10-12 it makes this so plain. I have looked it up in so many translations and they all tell you the same thing, God CHOSE you before you were here on this earth. It doesn't have anything to do with what you have done, who you have become, how terrible you were or how good you were. God chose you and he has a plan that he designed just for you.

Does that make you feel wanted? Special? Take your breath away! Chosen by the King of kings. A special direction to go, a job to do that only you can do, words spoken at a time when they are needed.

Why would we want to look like someone else, or be different than who God made us to be. They have their own road to travel. You on the other hand are traveling a path with God walking along side by side. He is never going to leave you or say you need to be like someone else. He takes delight in YOU and He, {the Creator of all, the mighty Warrior] sings over you!
The Lord your God is with you,
    the Mighty Warrior who saves.
He will take great delight in you;
    in his love he will no longer rebuke you,
    but will rejoice over you with singing.”

Are you seeing this? Do you see just how wonderful you are? God's word is true. God is rejoicing over YOU. 

What a glorious way to start the day knowing your were CHOSEN for the most important thing, to be a child of God. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Whose Plan are you on?

We went on a vacation recently and I am the navigator, you know the person that tells you to turn here or make a right at the stop sign. I need to stop a moment and tell you I have developed cataracts that need to be removed. [Now for those of you that don't know what this means let me tell you. I can't see very well and what I do see is not what is. Example: I tell my husband look at the elk! Come to find out it is a big rock.] Life is so exciting when things aren't as they seem.

Back to my story. I was so worried that I couldn't see the map to give correct directions that I got on my trusty computer and went to Google Maps and had them plot the course then I made the print GIANT size, so no mistakes or wrong turns.

The only problem was I had printed round trip which had a few extra pages, and without my seeing eye dog I got them a little mixed up. So I told my husband, as we were leaving it would take us about 5 hours to go in the direction we had chosen. Wow, he said that sure seems like a long way, something doesn't seem quite right. I was sure, as I had made the computer follow the plan I had laid our for it. But just let me double check, [I have been known to make a mistake now and again, more again than now]

As we are traveling toward out destination I realize that I had been looking at the round trip with the pages a little askew. I made the adjustments and realized it would take us about 2 hours to get where we wanted to go. Disaster avoided and vacation was a blast.

I seem to have the same direction challenge in life as I do on the road. I have been following some one else's path. Thinking my friends have wonderful grown adult children, their life seems to be in total control and running along so smoothly, so mine should follow theirs.Except mine has been turbulent, ups and downs that would challenge any roller coaster for supremacy. So I  must ramp it up and work harder or something.

As I was moaning my whoa's to God I got very quite and you know what? God didn't tell me I needed to work harder. He didn't tell me to get my act together. He didn't tell me everything would be rosy.

No, as I was quietly listening for that still small voice, This is what God spoke to my heart, "That's not the plan I have for you!"

As I replayed those words over and over in my head such freedom and peace enveloped me. I didn't have to strive to MAKE my adult children anything. I didn't have to be the perfect person that see,s to have it all together. {one look and that little secret is out.} No, I was the navigator of my life  and I had the plan but you see I was looking at the wrong plan and with cataracts. No, the author of my life had the plan. He knows the way. I had gone on my own seeing things not as they were but what I thought they should be.

My friends may have perfect children, but their testimony  is different than mine. There are some people out there that need the words of instruction my friends have and need to share.
There are also people out there that need to hear how to continue loving and praising God through the mistakes, wrong turns, and traveling with the wrong direction.

God has a plan for each of us, our very own plan. Don't look at your friends and neighbors and want the plan or route they are on. God says in Jeremiah 29:11

"For I know the plans I have for YOU," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper YOU and not to harm YOU, plans to give YOU hope and a future." [Caps. mine]

WOW just think about that for a bit, God has a special plan he has drawn up just for YOU! Let that free you.Happy traveling.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Smell my Shoes

I don't know if where you live is like here, but all the stores are shouting "Back to School" At this time of year it seems to have a buzz from the children every where. It is almost like Christmas. [almost]

Being a retired school teacher this was always an exciting time for me also. To get my class room set up and ready for all the excited and expectant faces for their new grade and new year of learning.

There are new clothes to buy. And oh those lovely school supplies. Just to touch the paper and the notebooks. To find that "just right" pencil or pen. Markers of every color and backpacks with every imaginable design on it that just beg to be handled and purchased.

My one grandchild starts school for the first time this year. She is a quiet excited. She doesn't talk much about it unless you ask her and she give you the desired response. Yes I am excited Nana.

We live in an area where the big box stores are over 2 hours away so shopping on line or Walmart are the only options. Her mom is an online shopper so yesterday some of her school clothes arrived, her shoes to be exact. She came into my study and proudly wanted me to see her 2 new pairs of shoes so she had one of each on her feet. Then she instructed me to smell them because they smelled so good! I smelled nothing but she was sure they smelled good so they would be ready for that first day at school.

After we leave school for the world of work do we still see each new year with such expectation and excitement? For that matter do we greet each new day with the wonder before us. Sometimes I do sometimes I don't. {you too?} Sometimes the reside of yesterday is still left over and it doesn't "smell" so good or feel good for that matter.

Our heavenly Father has planned a wonderful and exciting day and sometimes we miss it. In Lamentations 3:22-23 it says this:
"Because of the LORD"S great love we are not consumed, 
for his compassions never fail.
They are NEW every morning,
Great is your faithfulness.

God's compassion is new every morning. Let's not miss it. We need to thank him each day and get excited {just like it is the first day of school}. Wake up and just take in the beauty he has planned for your day. Give him thanks. Smell the shoes, or just take a big breath of the fresh air! God loves you, he adores you.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Yip Yip Yahoo

Have you ever had a time  in your life where it seems so out of whack that you just want to sit in a dark room and moan to the ceiling how unhappy you are? I have been suffering from this malady for that last few days. [not where I want to be. You either?]

Let me share with you what the Lord shared with me this morning. It will set you in the Son and you will want to just thank God for knowing you so very well.

I was privileged to watch a young woman that I have come to know and love share of Facebook, "Who she is." She started out saying who she wasn't. She is not her weight, or he height, or her face without or with make up . . . then she said who she was. {all to be found in God's word.] She is a princess, a lioness, a child of God. . .  so many more beautiful description of just who God has created her to be. It lifted my eyes from the ceiling and placed them where they should have been all along, on God.

I think sometimes I need to be reminded how great God's love for me really is and how He sees me and all the things that are going on in my life. Do you find yourself in the same place? Let me share just some of the wonderful things God thinks and knows about you!

God has so many wonderful thoughts about you they are more than the grains of sand! Psalm 139:17-18
God DELIGHTS in you. 2 Samuel 22:20
God is your safety. Psalm 16:9
God is always by your side. Acts 2:25
God is your hiding place and your protection Psalm 32:7
God frees you from all your fears. Psalm 34:4
God is with you where ever you go. Joshua 1:9
God has inscribed you on the palm of His hands. Isaiah 49:16
God listens to you. Jeremiah 29:12
God has plans for you. Jeremiah 29:11
NOTHING can ever separate you from God! Romans 8:35-39
God keeps all the above and every promise He has made to you. 1 Kings 8:56

Do your get the idea that God is crazy about you? If you need more proof the Bible is full of His promises to you and to me. How can I not shout Yip Yip Yahoo? [today's version of Hallelujah}Perhaps you would like to share with me some of the promises that get you going or shouting Yip Yip Yahoo, I would love to hear them and shout with you.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Different Kind of Teacher

Being a grandparent is the best. You have all the benefits and none of the disadvantages. It's also funny how you get a different perspective of those very short people, called grandchildren than you had of your children.

We share a home with our grandchildren so we get to have them visit more often than if we lived across the country. They are able to stop in any time they want to. Like most grandparents we want to shower them with love and treats. We have a jar of treats for the oldest granddaughter that are her favorite and another jar of treats for the youngest granddaughter that are her favorite. They must ask before they can have a treat. [since we are just a staircase away it could be dinner time or bedtime and well, candy just isn't always such a great idea.]

I have noticed how when they come to visit they will say "Hi, Nana and Fafa [our chosen names from them] how are you today?" We try to get them to share how they are that day and the very next question is "May I have a piece of candy?" Usually the answer is yes. Then they take the candy say thank you and are gone.

This got me to thinking about how I come to God. Do I say "Good morning Father, I thank you for a new day. I have this problem. . . . or I would like you to . . . . or I need . . .  Wow! This has made me rethink how I come to God and what I say. Do I just tell him all the problems I am having? Do I just ask him for blessings? Then leave for the day with not another thought of Him?

As a grandparent or a parent I would rather spend time hearing about the day hearing what is happening in their lives. Or to just have a conversation where we share our hearts. Those are the best days.

We call God our Father and rightly so. As a Father he must long to have that conversation with us and to hear our hearts, our thankful hearts. Psalm 94:1-2 says"

"It is good to praise the LORD and make music to your Name, O Most High, proclaiming your love in the morning and your faithfulness at night.

How often do we forget to be so thankful and praise God for his love, and his faithfulness. Do we just jump right in there and ask? He longs to be a part of our lives, just like a grandparent long to be a small part of that grandchild's life. I think I will not just ask for the "candy" any more but instead share my heart. Maybe, just maybe I will just thank Him and say that's all I have today no requests just a thankful heart. 

Oh, those grand kids are such great teachers!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Truly Amazing!

Last evening so many of us were captivated by the images sent back to us from Pluto. Just to think of God's creative hand in all of this!

If we select the bottom of the screen it seems like a heart. Isn't that just like God, to send us a greeting card from Pluto!

Before we were able to see these images from Pluto there were images that the Hubble sent us about the "birth place" of stars.

These images are just too awesome to even think about what they are showing. What a mighty and wonderful God created all of this, and then to allow us a peek at his creative hand. Mind boggling.

After viewing these could there be ANY problem to big for our God?  Even when Job lost everything and was physically suffering pain, the question God asked was thought provoking for each of us.

Job 38:4

“Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation?

    Tell me, if you understand.

We are also told just how very wonderfully special we are to our Father:

Psalm 139:14

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;

    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well.

We need to keep these pictures as well as these verses close at hand when we are feeling less then adequate, thinking God doesn't know our troubles, or that we just don't matter to God.  

Remember that God adores you and he has spectacular ways to show you just how awesome he really is.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


I must be the only one on the planet that loves T.V. commercials! I don't watch them for their sponsor, sometimes I couldn't tell you who or what the commercial is about but I love the life lessons that can be applied to them.

I don't know if you have ever heard the song, for lack of another word, of what God is like. It uses names of  candy bars. Example: God is sweeter than a Bit-O-Honey. We Skor when we spend time together.I am Nuts about spending time with him. He teaches me Good and Plenty from His Word. His love for me is beyond the Milky Way. [you get the picture]

When I watch those commercials on T.V. I have in mind God or things about him or how they relate to my life with a "God Twist". [keeps you from being annoyed at how often your favorite show is interrupted.

There are a few commercials out there now about how it isn't good to be nearly you or "sort-of-you. [no idea what product this is for] There is one with a car park dude [valet] that takes the keys from the unsuspecting young man who says "you're not the valet" The guy with the keys says "I'm sort of like the valet. We both like to drive cars, we both have the keys to your car, and we both get where we are going quickly." With that said  he burns rubber and gets the car on two wheels to the dismay of the couple who handed him the keys.

The one that is popular now is of a beauty queen sitting inside a huge front loader [my husband had to tell me what the machine was.] with her sash and crown on. The construction worker says "you're not Marge." Beauty queen replies she is "sort of like" Marge Then says some very inane things and takes the controls in hand and moves the giant swing arm and knocks over two port-o-lets.

These got me to thinking about myself and my "sort of self." The "sort of self"; that woman I want everyone to like. The woman with a smile plastered on her face all the time with the pat answer of "I am doing FINE." That "sort of self" that doesn't want anyone to know the failures she has suffered. [do you have a "sort of self" also?]

The "sort of self" doesn't want anyone to see her weaknesses. But as I read 2 Corinthians 12:9 I think I may have missed something important.

2 Corinthians 12:9

 But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.

This verse tells me [and you] that God's power is made perfect in my [your] weakness. I don't have to be that "sort of self" that pretends to be perfect I can show my weaknesses because God's power will be made perfect in all those weaknesses. No more striving just being real. What a breath of fresh air!

Thank you Lord for loving me just the way I am and helping me to also love me just the way I am.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Two Notes

I am a morning person. I love to get up to see the sunrise and see the beginning of a new day. It is quiet and I can spend this time with God. Its a great way get my day going the right direction.

For the last few weeks I have beat the birds up. [yeah I know a little scary] I like birds, the way they seem to sing praises to their Creator the first thing when they wake up. Some have this long song and it is beautiful to hear. Each one is so different. They all seem to say wake up and get a move on.

The other morning as I was listening to the stillness come alive with the birds waking up and starting their praise chorus, I hear this one bird's song, 2 notes. Yep that was his repertoire! Just 2 notes. It kind of sounded  like  one of those old swings at the playground. You know the ones. They have a group of chains that link to a sturdy metal rail at the top and they make that sound as you go up then a sound when you come down.

This bird was singing his heart out with only 2 notes. [up and down] No warble. No scale of notes, No mesmerizing tune. Just those same 2 notes. He isn't bothered that others are singing a cantata all by themselves. He just continues to belt out his 2 notes.

Its funny but now I listen specifically for Little 2 Note. It makes me smile when I finally hear him singing.

I got to thinking about how some of us only have those 2 notes to sing "our songs". We can't cook like the neighbor down the street but we are able to make tasty and nutritious meals for our family. We can't pray like that Godly woman who seems to get us right to the heart of God. We can however step into the throne room of God and speak with him quietly and come away refreshed and free. We can't seem to understand all the Bible is telling  us like those Women of Faith that go to conferences we attend to learn more of God. But there are some days when the light bulb flashes and we see exactly what God has for us.

Perhaps we only have "2 notes" but we, like that little bird, need to take those "2 notes" and sing our hearts out with our praise to the One that gave them to us. We need to stop comparing ourselves to others to see what we are missing. Instead we need to be so very thankful for the gifts we already have. Perhaps as I specifically listen for Little 2 Note God is specifically listen to you and you make Him smile!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Its OK

I have just started to do a new "job" in my church, running the words on the screen for the worship songs. Then, since we are such a small community I start the video of the Pastor who is serving 4 other small areas and one large city. It took some getting used to watching the pastor on a screen and not just feet away from me but I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Technology was my "thing" in my professional life. I love all the innovations and new ideas that can be incorporated into our lives. That being said technology moves very swiftly and being out of the main flow for over 5 years you can imagine the changes and updates that took place in my absence.

I was in training first so I could decide if this was the way I wanted to serve in our church and if I felt this is where God was calling me. There are 2 monitors, 2 keyboards, 2 mice, and a gizmo to change from one screen to the other and 2 services to do. Yes, lots of things for this old dog to learn.

The wonderful young woman I learned with made it all so seamless and easy. Yes this is the job I really want to do. [not on stage but one of those behind the scenes kind of jobs, Perfect] I informed the leader after a few training sessions that I was willing to serve alone if needed.

I wanted to do a PERFECT job. [all my years of living and I was still under the illusion of perfection] Nervous about being on my own, I was determined that I could do this. The first thing that lead to the downward spiral was I lost the mouse. No not the actual clicker deal but on the screen [of which there are now 2] I wiggled and jiggled that little thing and still nothing would show on the screen so I could click next. [thank goodness for a high school senior who was doing the lighting sitting next to me in the booth] With the help from the lighting worker we found that sneaky little thing and everything was back on track.Little did I know that the mouse was doing a strange dance on the monitor for the performers. Thank goodness they were the only ones that had to watch the flying mouse and  my mistake.

All went smoothly until the pastor was praying. I was trying to decide when I had to slide the gizmo thingy back to the other screen to get back to the pastor at our campus for the final prayer. Ok so I was an overachiever and cut the pastor off and now there is no one on stage. The poor team was scrambling to get themselves on stage and take if from there. Oh yeah that was PERFECT!

After the first service we meet to talk about what worked and what needs to be changed. Ouch! I was beating myself up from the time of my first mistake until the blow out of my last mistake. It was a long walk from the booth to the meeting. I was wishing I could disappear.

The worship leader runs this little meeting. He is the most upbeat positive person I have ever met. He is not this way just every now and then, nope this is the way he is ALL the time. The categories were on the white board and I was dreading being embarrassed in front of the others in the room. [its not like the whole church hadn't lived through my mess up] You know what happened? No berating me, no pointing fingers with a mean face, no telling me that this definitely wasn't the job for me. Nope he just said that I could watch the timer to help me to know when to switch that little gizmo and he moved on to the next thing. Wow, no one was looking at me or laughing or rolling their eyes [they're all younger, much younger than I] we just moved on. Then the words great job guys let's do our best again.

Huh, our best. The pressure had been lifted from perfect to best. I think of this now whenever I have something to do and the word perfect sneaks into my mind. I remember to do my very best and not worry about perfect. Now the jobs, and things I do or attempt to do seem to be more enjoyable and they turn out a whole lot better and I know that I have done my best. Perhaps thinking along these lines will help you move from perfect to best.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Are You Cheating?

I love to help people out when they need an extra hand, do you also? It blesses me I think more than the person I am helping. It lifts my spirit and makes me smile and feel good about me.

I remember growing up my mom taught my sister and I about giving with out saying a word. She was the living example. I remember going to the"Old Folks Home" and just visiting with a few of the people there that were not able to get out of bed and didn't have family that was able to, or just didn't take the time to visit. I remember how their face would light up when we came in the door. Some would even offer candy to us. My mom led the way and we would sit and listen to her just chat with them. It was fun to hear about their lives when they were younger.

Then there was the older widow that couldn't make it to church too often, she just was well enough to drive or sit that long. However, she loved buckwheat pancakes and when my mother's Sunday School Class would have their annual Pancake Breakfast she would make sure there were a few "special " pancakes made out of buckwheat so we could run them to this widow's home. She always was so very thankful. She said it reminded her of when she was a girl and had them at home.You could see the smile on her face as she would take a whiff of the hotcakes.

I remember as we drove home I felt really good inside. It was like Christmas morning and the packages were all for me!

There were so many other ways she lived the "better to give than receive" lesson. As I grew up it was such fun to come up with my own ways to teach my children the same lesson. I remember when there was an older woman that couldn't get to church as she didn't drive. I offered to pick her up and take her. Thought it would be a great lesson for my children. At first they really didn't want to do this. She of course got "shotgun" [the front seat] and that was the coveted seat. But as they got to know her and we did it a few times they were getting into it.

Its funny but now that my children are grown that is one of the things they remember and will remind me of.

Now the shoe is on the other foot. {namely my foot] I am the one in need of a helping hand. Do I ask for help. You're absolutely right, NO! That would admit to myself that I can't do all the things I used to do.[just like the pancake lady] I will struggle with things before I seek help  and then only if it is something that absolutely has to be done right away. Lately after reading the things I read from each of you and Holley I am rethinking my actions. Perhaps it is my time to let someone else be blessed by God with their ability to give me a helping hand. Pride is just such an ugly word. I think it is my pride that is keeping me from seeking others help. God has some things to say about pride. 

                     When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.

                                      Pride goes before destruction, a                                        haughty spirit before a fall.

I am working on asking for help and not allowing my pride to cheat someone out of the wonderful blessing that God gives. How about you? You don't need to wait!


Wednesday, June 3, 2015


This past year has been quite a challenge for me. I have been made to realize that all I thought I was doing was done well and my family was intact and on the way. I ran head long into a brick wall that not only shattered my confidence in the work that I had done but also made me question my ability to be a mother.

Ever been in a place so bleak? Ever felt you world had imploded? I was there struggling to rise from the ashes without telling anyone of my plight. [too embarrassed, too afraid of what they would think of me not sure which was worse.] Which I was sure would bury me deeper than I could ever recover from. God and I had so many conversations and his word continually was reminding me that He hadn't left me. Hebrews 13:5
                          "For God has said, “I will nevernever fail you nor forsake you.”
I had to be very careful around friends to not reveal the pain and uncertainty I was carrying around. 

Then a call came from 2,000 miles away. That friend I had prayed with. That friend I had done life with. That friend that was hurting just the same as I was. She also was rethinking her ability to be the mom that God had created her to be. [our children have a way of doing this] As we talked  she shared her broken bruised heart as she said to me "I am too embarrassed to tell anyone else but I had to tell someone and so I called." I had to tell her that my life was in the same dust bin as hers and I finally shared with her the hurt and embarrassment that I was carrying also.

We cried and prayed and the pain lifted. We have pledged to share each week and to pray together. We offer each other the wisdom that God shares with us each week and together we are ascending out of the pit. 

Yes, there are others that are struggling with the same things you are even if we don't want to believe that. God has graciously put two friends back together to "fight the good fight". Do not struggle alone, seek God and he will direct you path. Whether it is just you and God or you, God and that special friend you are not alone in your struggles! Reach out.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

We Have to Talk.

Dear Guilt,

I know we have spent a great deal of time together lately, and you are sure you're the only thing that matters to me, but we need to talk and you need to listen.

You have been telling me lies! Things like, "you will never be able to offer anyone anything because you are such a failure as a woman and a mother." Or how about this lie, " you have no worth in life you might as well just give up."? Then there was this one,"if people knew the real you they would turn away from you and know just what kind of Christian you really are." "How do you think you can represent Christ with the life you've lived?" 

I thought you were my friend. We spent so many lonely hours together. You had me agreeing with all that you were telling me. But you know what? I have had someone else come into my life and the words are so different and so kind. Not the hateful and self-loathing ones you have been leading me to believe were the truth.

The name is Grace. Even the name is beautiful. Grace has been telling me so many things and I am choosing to believe all the things that are being said. Like this from Hebrews 4:16,

Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.

Grace is telling me that Christ has forgiven me and I can go on with my life without the condemnation that you, Guilt, have been shoving down my throat. I am choosing to believe God will carry me through all this and use these struggles to bring glory to His name. 

I am reminded by Grace that:
The Lord our God is merciful and forgiving, even though we have rebelled against him; 
Daniel 9:9
I will not live my life in fear because you continue to tell me I am not good enough.  Grace has been telling me so many wonderful things like:
So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
Isaiah 41:10
My favorite words that Grace has told me are these,

Psalm 18:18-19Living Bible 

 On the day when I was weakest, they attacked. But the Lord held me steady.  He led me to a place of safety, for he delights in me.
So Guilt I am leaving you and not turning back because I choose to listen to God and  his Grace and believe the truth, not your lies any longer. If I should slip up I won't be calling you! I will run to the throne and seek forgiveness at once and then live on the promises of God.
Daughter of the King

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


How truly enlightening was Holley's blog today! I so needed it. There were two things from the Wayne Jacobsen quote that caught my eye.
  1. I must let God disconnect me from the guilt
  2. I must simply acknowledge I feel that guilt and shame and then offer it to God.
Then I read another devotional this morning and the words that jumped off the screen said,
"When self pity settles in failure is lurking nearby."

Reading these words today got me to thinking about all the guilt I seem to carry around. It seems that self-pity jumps into the fray and once again I fail at the victorious life.
These words give me hope and the strength to carry on in spite of the wrongs that flood my mind when I struggle to move forward. While I was thinking about the prompt for this week, “that God sees my life in a wildly different way” than I see it had me stretch my imagination and my faith. Just to think that God can take all this mess that I seem to have created and turn it in to a wonderful success with all the people involved makes me want to think in brand new ways.
Just to know that He has forgiven me and can take the jumble of my life that to me, looks like a mess of knots and mixed matched threads, and turn it into a beautiful looking tapestry makes me sit and just thank Him. God in his gracious love for me was speaking loud and clear today. I read Philippians that I need to run the race and “forget what is in the past, and press on to win the race.”  Wow, to put the past where it needs to stay and not be tempted to bring it out and rehash things that now I have no control over which will then lead me to failure! UGH! No I want to take it and give it to God and let him weave it into that victorious life. I do not want to travel the road to failure but press on to strain to win my race. I want to let God disconnect me from the guilt.

How about you are you struggling with guilt and the rerun of things in the past that lead to self-pity which leads you to failure? Each time you feel  yourself falling into this pit of despair stop and turn it over to God ask for forgiveness and let it all stay with Him. He has a "wildly different" way to make your life beautiful. He loves you so!