Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Who Inspires You?

This prompt doesn't take much thinking on my part. I have three wonderful friends that bring such inspiration that lifts up my spirit just thinking about them.

Friend # 1 is just a bit older than I am and I have learned a great deal from her. She has shown me how to welcome all into a group. There is no one that remains a stranger when she is around. She also has shown me that just because we grow older doesn't mean that we have no usefulness any longer. She is a champion of people that have lost a spouse. She is the pioneer that is leading the way for those so overtaken by grief that it seems impossible to go on. She has first hand experience and hasn't let it overwhelm her but strengthen her to help others.

Friend #2 is a little younger than I am but so much wiser. She  has such a heart for the children others consider unteachable. We worked together for many years and she taught me not to be afraid of children with disabilities but to see their inner beauty. She is so in love with God that it draws you in and you have a new look at God through her eyes. She is a friend that I don't get to see very often but who I have shared my inner most thoughts, pains, and joys with. She always has a listening ear and a wonderful word of encouragement.

Friend #3 is about the same age as I am but has lived life in a very different place than  me. She has had more pain in her life than I think most of us will experience in 2 lifetimes. She has the knack of making you want to be better and to know God like she does. When asked how she is, she is always "blessed" even when things are closing in and life seems difficult. She is a person that is always ready to pray for and with me. When I am feeling like I want to pity myself for what is going on in my life I just have to get a text from her and I am reminded that God is in control and working all things for my good.

These 3 wonderful ladies are such an inspiration to me. They mean more than just the few words I have shared. I believe God always knows what we need and he gives us "skin" to help us see Him. That is what these three friends have done for me, help me see God with "skin" and help me want to come closer to Him. I pray he give you that same "skin".

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