Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Better Plan

Have you ever planned a fun activity or a super outing with family only to have things fall apart? Well this just happened to me. I saw an invitation for children to go to a Wilton class to learn how to decorate a cake. I thought what fun, right? So, I asked my granddaughter if she would like to try it out. She was excited so I called and made reservations.

I got the list [more things than you need for a weeks vacation in the Bahamas] of things that would need to be purchased before attending the class. I went out and bought all the needed items. I think the wait was as hard on me as it was for my granddaughter. I would check the calendar to see how many days we had till then. She was asking her mom is it today? So we were both in such high anticipation for our outing together.

There was a clause in the registration that stated if they didn't have enough people the class would be canceled. I understood this so I called  a week in advance to make sure the class was still on so I could prepare my granddaughter if things didn't pan out. They weren't sure but advised me to call back in a few days as they were taking it to the meeting for discussion. Hmm wonder what that means? The wait seemed to be an eternity but I called after waiting 2 days, [now only the weekend separated us from the class] only to find out the class was canceled because they couldn't find a teacher!

I had all the things [any pastry chef would be thrilled with the items] but had no idea how to use them or for that matter what they were needed for. {Why would you need 100 toothpick to decorate a cake?] So as not to disappoint my granddaughter told her the class was canceled but we would do the decorating at her home! She was thrilled, I was nervous!

I called a friend that had done amazing cakes and decorated award winning designs for advice. Since she had moved 1000 miles away she suggested YouTube. Of course, why didn't I think of the that? I studied all the women in the world that demonstrated how to decorate a cake and was now more confused than ever. I was apprehensive at our success at a happy outcome but plunged ahead.

I arrived with my heavy bag of tricks to my granddaughters excited little face. It perked me up and we dove into the adventure. I pulled out all the supplies [which took quite awhile] as she asked what all that was for. I said we will see.{as I wasn't quite sure myself!} Excitement built.

We experimented with the decorating tips and then she took off and had the time of her life. The end results looked nothing like the picture of a month ago in the ad, but it was something that was HER masterpiece. She had a blast doing her own thing and spending the morning with me. She told me it was way better this way and she had a great time. Know what, so did I.

Sometimes my life seems like this. I have these great plans that are anticipated with great excitement only to have them changed by circumstances beyond my control. But when I give those plans to God they turn out surprisingly wonderful, "way better His way".

Proverbs 19:21
New International Version
Many are the plans in a person’s heart,
    but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails."

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  1. Great post! I love it when God takes the plans you've made and turns them into something completely different, but completely wonderful.


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