Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Lazy River

We have a Lazy River at the pool I go to for exercise and it is great fun. It is a sort of misshapen oval that has powerful jets at certain areas of the pool that push you forward quickly then you slow down and meander until the next burst of turbulence pushes you forward once again.

It has been such fun to watch the children as I do my walking on the aquatic treadmill. The children that can not swim must have a life jacket on. There are red, blue, and yellow ones depending on the size of the child. I watch parents put their children into the contraptions and cinch them up tight. The children eye the water the whole time trying to build up their courage to face the "raging" water. I have also seen parents bring their own devices from home and try to use them here. The life guards are very vigilant and no other devise is allowed but the official ones.

I watch as the parents, eager for their child to have a wonderful time, ease down the steps into the moving water with the child clinging like the bark on a tree so tightly that small hands are turning white with the effort. All the time the parent is reassuring the child the life jacket will hold them up and that they are right them with them. Some children start to wail and squeeze their eyes shut and hold on tighter, if that is even possible.

You can tell the children that have been here more than once as their hold is so much looser and they even venture a touch of the water with their hands, though one hand is still holding on the their parent.

I saw one small child in pure ecstasy the other day. She was encased in her life jacket, lying on her back, her small hands resting on her chest, eyes closed, and the hugest smile on her face as her older sister was racing her through the water. She had both tiny feet in her hand and was "running" in and out of the others that dotted the pool. When they would come to one of the jets that push you through the water she would squeal with delight which only made her sister laugh out loud.

I started to think we are a lot like the children wearing life jackets. As we travel through life we meet God and He becomes our LIFE jacket. We start out clinging to Him with white knuckles as we are pushed through troubled times. He is holding us tightly and telling us he is right there with us. We slowly see he is telling us the truth and the "water" [life] evens out and it seems easy sailing. We continue learning about Him and the next time we enter the water we even place our hand in it to reassure ourselves we have been in the trouble waters before and God never left us and we stayed afloat. Oh, to get to the place where we can be like the little girls who KNEW the life jacket was the safest place to be and knew that even in the "troubled" waters she was safe, carried on the life jacket to the calm waters ahead.

 God is our LIFE JACKET and he has promised us to never leave us or forsake us. Even in times of trouble or great distress he is carrying us to the "calm waters". Let Him be your Life Jacket today.
Hebrews 13:5
Since God assured us, “I’ll never let you down, never walk off and leave you,” we can boldly quote, God is there, ready to help; I’m fearless no matter what. Who or what can get to me?


  1. I used to love that lazy river when my kids were small and we went to the water park. Actually, that was always my favorite. Love your comparison about life jackets and I'll think of that the next time we are on the boat with our son. Debbie W.


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