Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Whose Plan

I was shopping the other day and saw what I thought would be the perfect project for my granddaughter and I to tackle. There were these very cute buttons, Christmas lights, a few funky reindeer, and one Santa going down a chimney. I thought wouldn't it be fun to make a necklace so she could wear it to school! So I purchased them and some of that stretchy elastic to put it all together. Such a wonderful plan!

I had it all laid out in my mind just what it would look like and how we would have fun doing it together. So I asked her if she would like to make a Christmas necklace. She was very excited when she saw the cute buttons placed before her.

We got right to work. She made a pattern with the different buttons first, then we started to string them. It went well but the buttons didn't stay where we wanted so we had to rethink and then start again. This time we put a knot on each button and held them in place. Perfect. It was so cute. I handed it to her and she put it on. Wonderful, or so I thought.

About 2 hours later she came to me rather sheepishly and told me she wanted to give the necklace to one of her little friends. Well, I was very proud of her not wanting to keep it but give her creation to someone else. I told her that was a super idea but what was the problem? She opened her hand and the necklace that we had perfected was now in a ball of knots of reindeer and lights. Santa was so tangled that I couldn't find him.

I tried to hide my distress when she said "Can you fix it Nana?" I told her I would try. It was now a gift after all.

I set to work trying to find an end to try to unravel the tight ball of knots. I worked for about 1/2 hour struggling. I almost made it to Santa, who was the center piece of the necklace, but the last half was not salvageable. I finally gave up and cut each button off, kept the pattern she had set and restrung the necklace to its original look.

We put it on a paper with tape so it wouldn't tangle again and she painstakingly wrapped it for her friend.

I started to think about how sometimes the plans I make in life are like that necklace. They sound perfect, easy to complete, but end up in a "ball of knots". I need to start over and this time go to the Creator and seek his plan. His plan always turns out into the perfect finished project. I need to start with Him first so I don't waste time trying to unravel my feeble attempts.

How are your plans? Are you starting in the right place? God has a plan for you. Why not check it out?
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

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