Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I think that the topic of Dogs is more controversial than politics or religion. I think you are either a dog person or you are not.

I fall into the category of trying to be a dog person. We are blessed to live where there is the sweetest HUGE dog. If she were to stand on her rear paws I am sure she would be as tall as me or perhaps even taller. She is part Rottweiler and part Husky, so to go with the big she looks rather intimidating. We moved into a new place and the sign was already there BEWARE OF DOG so it was just left.

To let you know just how intimidating she is, I had a delivery to the house and the dog was outside the lady called from her car, [that was sitting 2 feet from my front porch] to let me know she was at the house but she was pretty sure the dog didn't want her to come out. I told her what I am sure every dog owner says, "she is really friendly, and won't hurt you." However just to reassure her my husband was at the door to call the dog to him and she got out of the car very carefully. Said she saw the sign then she saw the dog and didn't want to take the chance.

I was doing pretty well becoming that dog person until there was a skunk that found the house and decided to make it his own by sharing his "perfume" all around the house, Well, Lela {the dog in question} must have rolled in all the "perfume"  and then decided to come into the house and share her findings. Well, tottering on the line for pro and con it dipped to the con very quickly and I barred her from entering. She looked at me with that sweet face and those hurt eyes as if to ask, "What have I done to you?" I couldn't be swayed. However, I am married to a true dog lover. He allowed the dog to sit there until I went to bed and then he decided he really didn't smell anything so he let her in. [Yep, there is a big difference between a dog person and one that is trying to be a dog person.]

Lela holds no grudges, she is still so excited to see me when I drive in the driveway her whole body is one huge wag. She just wants me to pet her and tell her she is a great dog.

Got me to thinking about we treat each other. Do we snub someone because they don't smell as sweet as the daisies? De we try to ignore those that are in wheelchairs or with a cane, just because we don't know what to say?  What about that woman that is flawlessly beautiful, do we turn away because we are jealousy of her looks? We are all so different and there are so many things that could cause us to glance the other way. Do we get the look, "what have I done to you?" It is so very important to remember what God tells us:
Romans 12:10
 Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.
I read somewhere this little quote and it has stuck with me.
"Be kind everyone is going through something."
Dog person or not we are all people persons and need to remember to always honor others above ourselves. [still working on becoming a dog person!]


  1. Love this post! I am a dog person, having beagles all my life, but you touch on some great analogies here with our walk with Christ. I love your quote, "Dog person or not we are all people persons and need to remember to always honor others above ourselves..." Many blessings to you!


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