Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Smell my Shoes

I don't know if where you live is like here, but all the stores are shouting "Back to School" At this time of year it seems to have a buzz from the children every where. It is almost like Christmas. [almost]

Being a retired school teacher this was always an exciting time for me also. To get my class room set up and ready for all the excited and expectant faces for their new grade and new year of learning.

There are new clothes to buy. And oh those lovely school supplies. Just to touch the paper and the notebooks. To find that "just right" pencil or pen. Markers of every color and backpacks with every imaginable design on it that just beg to be handled and purchased.

My one grandchild starts school for the first time this year. She is a quiet excited. She doesn't talk much about it unless you ask her and she give you the desired response. Yes I am excited Nana.

We live in an area where the big box stores are over 2 hours away so shopping on line or Walmart are the only options. Her mom is an online shopper so yesterday some of her school clothes arrived, her shoes to be exact. She came into my study and proudly wanted me to see her 2 new pairs of shoes so she had one of each on her feet. Then she instructed me to smell them because they smelled so good! I smelled nothing but she was sure they smelled good so they would be ready for that first day at school.

After we leave school for the world of work do we still see each new year with such expectation and excitement? For that matter do we greet each new day with the wonder before us. Sometimes I do sometimes I don't. {you too?} Sometimes the reside of yesterday is still left over and it doesn't "smell" so good or feel good for that matter.

Our heavenly Father has planned a wonderful and exciting day and sometimes we miss it. In Lamentations 3:22-23 it says this:
"Because of the LORD"S great love we are not consumed, 
for his compassions never fail.
They are NEW every morning,
Great is your faithfulness.

God's compassion is new every morning. Let's not miss it. We need to thank him each day and get excited {just like it is the first day of school}. Wake up and just take in the beauty he has planned for your day. Give him thanks. Smell the shoes, or just take a big breath of the fresh air! God loves you, he adores you.

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  1. Love the title and love the thoughts especially that verse - it's a favourite of mine. I remind myself often that each day his mercies are new and that his faithfulness will never run out, What a privilege. Thank you for a lovely post today. Your neighbour at Coffee for your Heart link up.


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