Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mason or Wrecking ball?

This has to be the hardest topic yet for me! What am I going to stop delaying and start doing to be ready for my God-sized dream? I am still praying that God will reveal my God-sized dream. If I let it the pressure mounts and my need to come up with something threatens to overwhelm me. Have I failed  to hear God? Am I taking too much time? Will I ever know what that dream is? Am I too old to have another dream?


I think I will give up all this doubt so that I am ready and waiting for God to speak directly to my heart. It is so easy to doubt my self, to rethink what I just said or did. That leads to pulling back and building walls around myself to protect from harm or pain. That makes me seem aloof and not caring. Not what I had in mind at all.

I read a few posts before I started mine in the hopes I would get a few ideas on what I could stop delaying. I read one that talked about "what Jesus would say about me". That made me stop and pondered what WOULD He say about me. Like the writer I know what the Bible says about all of us but specifically about me, hmm?!

I am going to start tearing down the walls of protection I have built up over the years and not doubt that God has a dream that is just for me. As I write this it seems like a monumental task! I do know that "all things are possible through Christ who give me strength".  So I am going to be like a wrecking ball this week and I suppose for many weeks to come. Please pray that my "masonry" days are over. No more building walls but an open heart waiting.


  1. Hi Maggie,
    I can identify with doubts about gifting and my identity. I know the Lord has something planned...you might be taking steps right now that are leading you there. I see a transparent woman...sharing here heart...her questions and where here faith is. It encourages me...and I know that you have a powerful Word from the Lord for those younger gals. We are NEVER finished dreaming God's dreams!! Press on dear sister of my heart and faith. Praying for you.
    Love you,

  2. Sweet sister dreamer,
    Thank you so very much for this encouraging message. It is the push I need to continue on this journey. I pray your journey is walking side by side with Jesus!

  3. It will come, and you are up to the task because it is not just you alone. There is a reason we quake and hide out from our dreams. "What is it I am supposed to do, and when I figure it out, how will I ever do this? How can I even get there? Is this even possible, achievable?"

    Baby step after baby step, Maggie. You may only be able to see a teentsy bit at a time, and that's ok. Frustrating, but ok. He will lead you where you are supposed to go.

    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement Kim. I need to celebrate each step instead of sitting and moaning about my lack of progress. I will remember that today the journey is for two! Thank you.


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