Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New Concept . . . FUN

Take some time to play

These words take on a whole new meaning when you get a little older. What I wouldn't give to be able to run and twirl like a little girl. To take absolute joy in running as fast as I can! However that is not play now. I looked at the list of things Holley mentioned to get an idea of what I might do to "play".

Pintrest, hmmm perhaps that would be fun. So I set up an account. Not fun like I remember more stress than fun as I am not sure what the directions are telling me and why this is to be fun. Let's move on to something else.

Read a book. Now that is an easy one. I have a Kindle and read all the time. Not different enough to be called fun.

Make a craft. I love to do that. So that is the idea that energizes me. Have you seen those "bouquets" in the grocery stores that are made of candy instead of flowers? Well, I decided to give a try for one of those. I go to a gym every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to keep what mobility I have. I don't do the treadmill or the weights but I do aerobics in the pool. It is just me and the lifeguards most days. They are college students for the most part. They are very faithful sitting in the chair with their life float at hand. They will be the object of my craft attempt! How fun.

So I set out to plan this gift. If I put it in a vase the glass is not good for pool area so I get a child's sand bucket. I need something to attach the candy to so get some skewers. Hmm how to make it so they stand up in the bottom of the bucket? I go to the floral section and get a half circle Styrofoam. Now for the candy. Awesome! Hershey bars are on sale and to cover the half circle a bag of Starburst. I have counted the pictures of the lifeguards and have enough candy bars for each one and one extra just in case. I write a thank you on the shovel. Pretty cool! I take it and it is received with great joy. Now that was great fun and I think it qualifies as "Play".

It did just what Holley suggested, it was better than twirling until I fell down giggling. It has left a smile on my face for days. Thanks Holley for reminding us life is not just working away but having fun!


  1. What an awesome idea...and you used it to bless people! Thank you for sharing...blessings on your day, friend! :)

  2. So creative !!! Thank you for this..n0t only was it great fun...so thoughtful dear friend!
    i love this idea!

  3. I love the idea of turning your fun time into a gift of others and I am sure the lifeguards appreciated it. Thanks for sharing


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