Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Yesterday was a day many Americans will not soon forget. The Navy Yard in Washington D. C. was under attack by an employee. It is a day I will not soon forget, it was a testing of my faith in the God I profess to be the One that is in control. You see my son works there!

I have read the story of Job and how God was pleased with him and how the enemy wanted to prove God wrong. Job lost everything! {there is a very happy ending to the story!} I felt bad for Job and have tried to understand his friends {with friends like his who needs enemies} but I don't think I was able to empathize with Job. Yesterday I was able to ponder what it must have been like to be him.

I was just finishing up with my daily devotions and going to check out the news before I woke my husband and started my day, when I saw "shooting at the Navy Yard" as a headline. Thought I would check it out and it was live coverage. {gotta love the news channels} I started to watch and then it hit me this is where my son works. As I was drawn into the news broadcasters words of fear and dread I had to pull away from the news to go to the Father and ask for protection for my son. The announcement that there were 3 dead and some injured made me pray again. The phone rang and it was my other son calling with a sense of panic in his voice saying he was headed home to calm his wife and try to decide what to do. {He also lives in the DC area} He tried to reassure me that my son was surly in another building and safe, but he couldn't raise him on his cell. {has the beginnings of one of Job's friends.} He told me he had called the Navy Yard as there was a number on the screen, but couldn't get them to answer. He was going to continue to keep trying. Hmm, his response was to seek the aid of man. My first response was to seek the One that had this situation in His hands. I didn't call the Navy Yard.{being a Mom would have more weight that a brother} I called and text my "family", those that love God and are called by him. I didn't feel the panic I heard in my son. I just asked for prayer. My "family" responded quickly and reassuringly.

I did have a peace. I know it sounds strange but my husband and I went about our day. We had placed it all in God's hands and knew we could do nothing.{except pray} The day turned into evening with no word from our son. {I had send him a voicemail telling him we were praying for him} If you listen to only what the news tells you, you can become very frightened.{there were now 13 dead} We were watching the news and the fear was starting to creep in. It is very important in times like these that we keep our eyes on the one in control. {Just as Peter looked at the waves and started to sink, the news took my eyes off of the protection the Lord had provided all day.} I once again went to the Lord.

Finally, we got the call we had waited to hear all day, our son called and said he had made it home. He sounded exhausted, worn, but relived to be home. We praised God for his faithfulness and prayed for those who didn't get that call. You see our son hasn't asked the Lord into his heart. There is still time for him. As long as he is breathing we will continue to pray for God to reveal Himself to him.

Please if you don't know Christ as your Savior, seek him out. Find out for yourself who He is. While you still have breath. You never know what the next moment will bring.

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