Friday, September 6, 2013

Treasure Hunt

It is so exciting to have grandchildren! My husband celebrated his birthday over the weekend and we spent that time with two of our precious grandchildren.

When we arrived our granddaughter informed my husband that she had prepared a Treasure Hunt for his birthday. {keep in mind she is 6 years old} Well, we hadn't even taken our shoes off or told everyone hello and she wanted him to go on this great hunt she had prepared. Mom said in a little while. You know what that means to a 6 year old, "I must wait an eternity." So she piped down and we got the greetings out of the way. She would casually interject the "hunt" into each conversation. I had to use the restroom and not knowingly stumbled on the final clue, where X marks the spot, and was quickly told to close my eyes while the "spot" was relocated. Didn't know it was even there until I had to shut my eyes!

I noticed she could stand it no longer and asked my husband to go on his treasure hunt. I thought it was to be his alone, being his birthday and all, but once again I was sadly mistaken. We ALL were to go on this hunt. So we all followed along behind her and my husband. She was the leader, {well she did know where each clue was after all} and my husband was trying to keep up. She would hover around where she knew a clue was and as my husband wasn't quite fast enough she would scoop up the clue and read where to go next. Then the procession would continue to the next clue. It was such fun as the closer to the prize the more excited she became. We finally made it to the "relocated" X and my husband found the prize. This was all her idea and the clues were in her hand writing. What fun!

As I sit and think about such a thoughtful child and how she wanted her "Fafa" to have a wonderful present and to search with her, I think of how God must see His children. He as placed a guide in our hands, the Bible, and He continues to lead us I am sure with such excitement as I witnessed on my granddaughter's face is on His face! Can you see Him as we discover truths that He has hidden for us to find? Like the truth, "I will NEVER abandon you." Hebrews 13:5, or "My plan for your future is filled with hope" Jeremiah 29:11. He has hidden so many wonderful treasures in His word and He can't wait for us to find them. Just like my granddaughter who was hardly able to contain herself for us to get started on that hunt, God is hardly able to contain the love He has for us and the treasures that await us on the "Greatest Treasure Hunt" of all. Why don't you start today and find a clue to your next treasure!

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