Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Everything these days has a label. It seems that many have gone to the label that can't be chopped away with the scissors but is embedded into the fabric. There are no more pesky labels that scratch the skin off my neck or rub my waist raw. Instead, they are still there just not as painful as before.

We have labels that either we give to ourselves or others have so "generously" given us. Labels like ugly, bashful, not enough, lazy, uncaring you know THESE kind of labels. These are the pesky labels that scratch the skin right off our hearts and minds as they rub us back and forth through out the day.

I was watching an Andy Stanley video the other day that was talking about this very thing! {imagine God's perfect timing!}He mentioned some important things to think about. The only one that had the right to put a label on one of those T shirts or purses or whatever was the manufacturer, the owner of the product line, the one that created the product. Not the purchaser or the one looking at the product! Hmmm! Does that make you think a little deeper?

We are not our own. We are created in the image of God, He is the creator and only He has the right to "label" us. You don't have the right to even label yourself! Guess what He labeled us?

2 Corinthians 6:18

“I will be a Father to you,
    and you will be my sons and daughters,
says the Lord Almighty.”
Did you catch that label? He labeled us a "daughter" to the King. I think that makes us a "princess". This is one of those labels that is not something that is able to be cut out with a pair of scissors but is embedded on our hearts and minds. Why don't you toss out those "other" labels and believe the one that was given by the Creator. It is the only true one, the only one that counts! Live like  you believe the "label" given to you by God,
 His Child,
His Daughter,
His Princess!


  1. I forget too often. I know I know I'm a Christian; I forget that makes me His daughter - glad no one can take out that label! thanks ! (Just linked behind you!(:) sue

    1. I'm glad also. Some times it is hard to remember with the words that are slung at us.

  2. PS I was't able to link back to Coffee - from your button - just wanted you to know.

    1. Thanks so much for the heads up. I think I have fixed the problem.

  3. love the analogy ...this seems like such a common theme that all women struggle to grasp and many times never really sets the course of your life in the proper motion...when you find your bearings according to His design...His love...His label


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