Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Are you REALLY Listening?

We live in a world today of lots of noise, but I think it was always this way just different types of noise. I was one of those kids that had to have it absolutely quiet to be able to do my homework. I couldn't seem to concentrate if there was a bird outside my window singing or a radio playing somewhere within earshot. My own children, however, were quite different. The television could be playing right next to them and they could get their homework done. Amazing!

We seem to have lots of things competing for our attention. Do you find yourself half listening? Are you listening to the television while someone is talking to you? Are you on the cellphone trying to listen while you are folding the clothes and the TV is on in the same room? Is it ok for you to do these things but do you want the person on the other end of the conversation to be listening intently to your valuable words?

I found myself in this predicament lately. I was watching a wonderful movie and my husband chose that moment to have a conversation. I was half listening to him and half listening to the movie. Needless to say I didn't hear either one very clearly. I either had to tune out my husband {not good} or tune out the movie {just at the good part too}, I finally had to turn and face my husband or I would be sucked into the movie never to return. {good choice on my part}

I started to think about all the times I have done just this. When someone was sitting right across from me telling me something, was I thinking about what wondrous words I was going to expound next, or listening, really listening to what was being said? Guilty as charged! It made me sad just to think of  my shallowness.

What about God? When I go to be alone with Him is He listening with one ear or tuning me out? Nope! I have His full attention. He has turned his face to me and is listening to my every word. He longs for me to talk with Him. Imagine that! He also expects me to be listening to what He has to say to me. Yep, He talks with us. We need to tune out the world and give Him our full attention. Just imagine the Creator of all things wanting to have a conversation with you! He never tells you just a minute, or can you hold that thought for a second? He wants to hear all we have to say to Him.

What are you waiting for, find a quiet place and start sharing your heart with the One that has all the time in the world to sit with you and listen!

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