Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What are you afraid of?

Halloween has just passed and as a 4 year old, most things scare my grand daughter. This past Halloween was no exception. She was so excited to wear her pig costume! {not sure why but she adores pigs.} As the much anticipated evening approached she got a little apprehensive but she told her mom she was sure everyone else would be dressed as ponies and unicorns. I think this was to reassure herself that all would be well.

The much awaited evening was finally here! Her sister and she were dressed, goody bag in hand ready for the much longed for chocolate to fill their bags. As she approached the first house decorated in Halloween fashion, she informed her mom, "not that house mommy it is too scary!" So they passed by many houses until they found a plain "undecorated safe house" to make their first stop. A "trick or oink" was made and she received her treat! Great. However, as they were finishing up the evening they came to a house where the garage jutted out beyond the front door. My daughter had noticed this was a "safe house" {no decorations} so they pressed onward. They were not able to see the little boy, around 5 years, old dressed like a skeleton just stepping down from the porch and heading straight for them. As they both came to the corner of the garage at the same moment, disaster! My granddaughter screamed at the top of her lungs EEEEEEKKKKKKKKK, which made the little boy also scream at the top of his lungs AAAAAAKKKKK! The little boy's mother who was waiting at the street shouted, "its ok Davie its just the skeleton outfit" to which the little boy screamed, "where's the skeleton?" He forgot he WAS the skeleton! So now he is terrified there is a skeleton chasing him. Meanwhile the man whose home it was is rolling on the ground with laughter. The mother runs to get her son, my daughter apologies for the confusion and the man drops the candy in the bag between fits of laughter.

I was also rolling when my daughter related the evening to me. Then I got to thinking about the things that scare me, like my health problems, my son's tentative job situation, my husband's illness. Hmm, am I so different from my granddaughter? Am I living in fear of the unknown? Will I come around the next corner only to run into another scary problem? No, I have One who is greater than any problem or scary thing I could encounter. The Bible tells me in,

1 Peter 5:7

New International Version (NIV)
Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.
This is hard to do at first but the more I do exactly this, give all these "scary skeletons" to God, the calmer I become. I remember that God is bigger than all my problems and He is able to do all things. So just like my granddaughter was "rescued" from the scary skeleton and received her prize, so will God rescue me from all my "scary problems" and I receive the prize of His wonderful peace!
So, what scares you and what will you do about it?

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