Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Movie Masterpiece

My granddaughter wanted a video camera for Christmas. Unfortunately she didn't get one, she is only 8 and other things took the place of the much wanted gift.

I was strolling through the store the other day and saw a video camera for a price under $20.00 so I thought why not. I brought it home and had to figure out  how to not give but give this little gift. I came up with a plan that perhaps, she could film things and then teach me how to use the camera. She informed me that she already knew how to use it and she would show me. Hmm. I got the directions out and did a quick check with her. [I think there is a small man inside, because she didn't even listen as I went over the directions.]

She took the camera and went to film all the adventures she had that day. [21 to be exact with none shorter than 15 minutes] She brought it back to me chock full of the wonders from her day. I put them all into my computer to now show her the fun of making a movie with her videos. [wasn't sure if she also knew how to do this without instruction!]

When I told her we would pick one video to create a movie she was a bit disappointed but she pressed on. When we added a title page and animation she was pleasantly surprised. Movie in hand we all watched on the "Big Screen" the masterpiece. After the sea sickness settled [so quickly moving from one scene to the next or floor to ceiling] we all said how great it was and then went on with our every day routine.

She on the other hand informed her mom, "I need to start to film EVERYTHING".

This got me thinking about the way I was viewing my days. Was I excited about each moment I was experiencing? Had I been taking for granted the every day things I was doing? What was my 'movie' going to look like? Would it be a masterpiece? Had I forgotten who I was living for? This verse came to mind:
. . . whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.
It hit me that this is exactly what I should be doing each moment of the day. Whether it is making the bed, sweeping the house, or when I do my devotions, it ALL should be for the glory of God. That is the Masterpiece. I feel just like my granddaughter, I need to start to film EVERYTHING!


  1. oh It is SO hard to do everything for the glory of God. You are so right, and I am too lazy (and I hate the word lazy!) I often want to just glide past making the bed and the hard stuff in order to do the "fun stuff" for God's glory. Thanks so much for this reminder. Your buddy over at Holly's!

    1. Kortney,
      That's exactly my problem. I was reading some of the other replies and there was one with an UNword, think I might just try that one this year. Blessings!

    2. I can't wait to hear how that UNword works for you! And don't you love how we learn the best lessons from our little ones!

      They make the best teachers ...

      Weekend blessings ... so cool to meet you this week!


    3. Linda, I can't wait to hear more from you and your unword. Feels like being a rebel. ;-)


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