Wednesday, January 14, 2015


This Sunday in church we sang this most wonderful song. [ I love singing praise and worship music!] It is called "Break Every Chain". I have it stuck in my head. [not a bad thing] It talks about the Power in the name of Jesus.

This got me to thinking, when we pray we end with, "in Jesus name. Amen"  Why do we put that at the tail end? We who know the Lord also know that Jesus is powerful. Paul healed in the name of Jesus, Peter and John healed in the name of Jesus. There are numerous verses that speak of the Power of the name of Jesus.

Have your ever been so depressed you could only utter, Jesus? There was power in that single utterance. I know because I have been there. I could only say, Jesus. But, in so doing Jesus came to meet me in that deep need. He was there beside me, no I couldn't see Him or touch Him but the peace that settled over me told me that he was right there. My situation didn't magically change but I did, because of that powerful word, Jesus.

As the song says there is Power in the Name of Jesus, to break every chain. The chain of sin, the chain of sorrow, the chain of fear, the chain of worry, you name it He has the power to break it. The Bible gives us so many hints as to why, but this says it best;
that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth,
Do you see that, EVERY knee, all those chains MUST be broken at the name of Jesus!
You have that power available to you, it is not just for some, but to every child of God. Have you called on his name when you are bound in chains? He is waiting to release that power for you.
There is an army rising up when you cry out IN THE NAME OF JESUS. He loves you so very much. He swings wide Heaven's gate to break every chain you lay before him!

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