Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Know the Truth

I have always thought my life was going along pretty good, great family, good health, wonderful husband, caring friends. Perfect right? Well, perfect has a way of crumbling before your very eyes.

The first to fall from the Perfection Train was my health. I know getting older things change but this is ridiculous! Parts need replacing, other parts just quit working altogether. Ok, I can deal with this I will just strive harder in other areas of my life. Not truth!

Next to leave the Perfection Train were the caring friends. We have moved a number of times and trying to keep caring friends long distance is VERY difficult. They seem to dwindle and even though I try to hold on they slip through my fingers. That's alright I will make new friends and they will become the caring ones. Right? Not always truth.

Family derails on the Train. Thinking that once the kids are grown everything will be great. No not the truth. Realization hits that perhaps I wasn't that perfect mom after all. This is perhaps the car that will derail me. Not truth. [I do still have a wonderful husband.]

If I were to let this be the end of what I was sure was the PERFECT LIFE, I would go down in flames. I have a verse that I keep telling myself,
 Isaiah 41:13

       For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee.

Knowing that God ALWAYS keeps his word, I hold on to the thought of him holding my hand and walking through the day with me. Each time I encounter the need for perfection and fall I remember that he is holding my hand and I have nothing to fear because the God that created me is right here. He is helping me to be exactly who he created me to be, not perfect, but His very own daughter. Now that is perfection! That is a truth to hold tightly to!


  1. "Knowing God always keeps his word..." what a powerful truth to hold on to. Hopped over here from Holly Gerth's link-up. Thanks for sharing your struggle and your heart.

  2. Thanks for sharing. It was hard to share my struggles but since sharing on Holley's link-up I have torn down some walls.

  3. Thank you for this post. I appreciate your showing how expectations are not always truth. I am finding more and more the need to hold fast to truth,which reminds me that His love is real amidst the painful realities of life. Beauty from ashes (Isaiah 61)...I love Isaiah and the verse you shared, too! Blessings.


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