Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Is Your Purse Too Heavy?

I love shoes and purses. You too? I seem to like the purses that are more expensive than the average brands. I like the backpack kind, the shoulder models, just about every kind is fun for me. Well, it was fun until I started to have back problems;

I used to carry everything in my purse, from wipes to a screwdriver. I could have gone on the game show that had women search their purse for an off the wall item. I usually had it in my bag. Now it has all changed.

I have noticed that my purses have shrunk in size. I am unable to carry too much weight or I pay for it in aches and pains. I have gone from a "garage size" bag to just a small sling cross over bag. It is funny how many unnecessary items I used to carry. Things that I didn't really need that just weighed the bag down. Things at the time I was sure I would possibly need, so I had them "just in case".

Then the day came when I had to empty out my current bag and examine each item with a critical eye and decide if I could do without it. Each item was weighed and scrutinized. It was either added or left on a pile of rejects. When I finally got the bag to a manageable weight I was surprised at the glob of things that was still sitting in the reject pile that I really didn't need. You know, I have never missed any of those items and my back is so much happier.

My life seems to have a similar thing going on. I seemed to have packed my life with all sorts of  "garage size" weights, worry, self doubt, shame, not good enoughs, guilt, and oh so many more things that seemed to weigh me down.

Just like my purse I had to take a critical look at my life and get it to a manageable weight. There was nothing I could do to get it there by myself. I had to go to the One and Only that could help me get things tossed out that I was never meant to carry.
Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

Did you know that the word cast means to toss! Hmm tossing all those heavy weights on him. Just knowing that He cares for me and doesn't want me to be weighed down was freeing. Know what? If I seem to pick them up again to add to my "purse" of life [which I tend to do} I can once again toss them on the One that cares for me and feel the freedom of a lighter load and a happier me. 

If you "purse" of life is too heavy why not toss some of those things right out and have that freedom today!


  1. yes- I've got some things to toss out! Thanks for the reminder. Stopping by from Holley's Blog.

  2. I've always been a minimalist and figured if I carried a tiny purse, no one could ask me to carry anything for them ;). Of course, that means that I often don't want to bother 'carrying someone else's burdens'--but that's why god put us here--to help each other out. You've got me thinking about balance now!


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