Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Different Kind of Teacher

Being a grandparent is the best. You have all the benefits and none of the disadvantages. It's also funny how you get a different perspective of those very short people, called grandchildren than you had of your children.

We share a home with our grandchildren so we get to have them visit more often than if we lived across the country. They are able to stop in any time they want to. Like most grandparents we want to shower them with love and treats. We have a jar of treats for the oldest granddaughter that are her favorite and another jar of treats for the youngest granddaughter that are her favorite. They must ask before they can have a treat. [since we are just a staircase away it could be dinner time or bedtime and well, candy just isn't always such a great idea.]

I have noticed how when they come to visit they will say "Hi, Nana and Fafa [our chosen names from them] how are you today?" We try to get them to share how they are that day and the very next question is "May I have a piece of candy?" Usually the answer is yes. Then they take the candy say thank you and are gone.

This got me to thinking about how I come to God. Do I say "Good morning Father, I thank you for a new day. I have this problem. . . . or I would like you to . . . . or I need . . .  Wow! This has made me rethink how I come to God and what I say. Do I just tell him all the problems I am having? Do I just ask him for blessings? Then leave for the day with not another thought of Him?

As a grandparent or a parent I would rather spend time hearing about the day hearing what is happening in their lives. Or to just have a conversation where we share our hearts. Those are the best days.

We call God our Father and rightly so. As a Father he must long to have that conversation with us and to hear our hearts, our thankful hearts. Psalm 94:1-2 says"

"It is good to praise the LORD and make music to your Name, O Most High, proclaiming your love in the morning and your faithfulness at night.

How often do we forget to be so thankful and praise God for his love, and his faithfulness. Do we just jump right in there and ask? He longs to be a part of our lives, just like a grandparent long to be a small part of that grandchild's life. I think I will not just ask for the "candy" any more but instead share my heart. Maybe, just maybe I will just thank Him and say that's all I have today no requests just a thankful heart. 

Oh, those grand kids are such great teachers!


  1. What great insights : ) Yes I'm guilty on more than one occasion of coveting the candy over the candid conversation that my Lord loves sharing with me... Thanks for the reminder ♥ Visiting you from over at Holley's lovely link-up ; )

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. it is wonderful to find out just how much he wants to talk with us isn't it?

  2. Guilty! However, I'm always more content and satisfied when I sit long and talk much with Him!!! I have candy jars for my boys - filled with sour patch kids, jelly beans and twizzler bites! It draws the boys in - and sometimes they sit long and talk much!

  3. I like that. Those must be the hot items for the younger set as they are wheat we have here.


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