Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Just One of Those Days

Have you ever had one of those days? The Internet is flat line, your brain just won't kick in, your fingers have forgotten where the keys on your laptop reside. Do you just want to scream and throw things. This is how my day is going. I thought I knew what I wanted to write about here but with all this above happening I have completely forgotten.

Oh, yes it is to encourage others. Perhaps I am the one that needs the encouragement!

I turn to God's word and there is encouragement. Psalm :46:10 tells me to be still and know that He is God. Trying to g.t still.[knowing everyone else has already posted to Holley's blog] O,k not quite there yet.

Psalm 37:7 tells me to "Be still. Be patient.[doesn't God know I am way behind?] Wait for the Lord to act. Don't be upset when other people succeed. Are you talking about being the last to post Lord? {just so you know I just lost everything and am starting over.]

Have you ever been here? Were you frustrated to your last nerve? God is saying "Be still." I know we find that almost impossible. Our minds are running into tomorrow and beyond. But if you can just close you eyes and listen he is talking to you. Be still my daughter, it will all be there is a few more minutes. Take a deep breath and breathe me in. I am your rock, I am your shield, I am your Savior, I am the Good Shepherd, what more do you need.

Can you feel your shoulders relax? Do you feel your heart rate slowing down? Is what you are doing earth shattering? I thought so.

God never leaves you even on days like today, when all seems to go haywire. He is still in control and wants  you to lean in and allow him to still you and feel his love.

I am going to go and just be still. Looks like I do have a post after all. Let God be your Rock and Shield today.


  1. Awww ♥ Yep there will be days like this! And you had a good message in being still weather you planned for it or not. Sometimes God just likes to interrupt us to get our attention. Here's to a better night! And don't worry about being last to post... I'm right there with you!

  2. Oh yes, days like these. I know them and have lived a few of late. So grateful for the rescue and refuge of His word and the stillness we find there. :)


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