Wednesday, September 23, 2015

This is Me Being Careful

My grand daughters like to come to our little place after school for a treat. I have just recently had surgery so I am like a pillow on the couch, stationary. I have this crazy giant Christmas ball made of ceramic that I won 4 years ago at one of those parties. It's not so much the ornament that has the attachment but the friends I remember that holds my sweet memories. So when my tiny [please never tell her I called her that] grand daughter comes to get her treat I always say,"Please be careful." to which she responds, "This is me being careful!' {what a trip? Right!}

Sometimes I feel like my grand daughter when I talk to God about forgiveness. "This is me God being very careful".  I am not having so much trouble forgiving others. I realize this is a choice and I choose to forgive. I know [from experience] that if I don't choose to forgive it really only hurts me. [you found that out also? Why didn't you share this?]

The part I am struggling with is to forgive me. Not forgiving is like being on a tread mill.  You can run till you drop but you will never get to the corner stop on that tread mill. I [and you too if you struggle with forgiving yourself.] need to stop reliving the past and let it go. Just like that tread mill trying to fix something that is in my past will never get me there. I need to start today and accept the forgiveness that God has already given me. [see I have already ask for forgiveness for this before.] Someone once told me it was like slapping God in the face when I didn't accept His forgiveness the first time.[that just added to my guilt didn't make it better!]

I just read in one of my devotions this morning that when I accept the forgiveness of God he separates me from this sin. I don't have to FEEL forgiven. My feelings are not important, my obedience, however, is. God supplies the forgiveness. If you don't take anything away from this blog today, please take this "Forgiveness is our greatest need and God's greatest gift." [this is from Girlfriends in God devotion today.]

I choose this day to live life with abandon and accept God at his word. I am jumping off the tread mill, and not telling God any more, "This is me being careful, God", instead " This is me choosing to accept your forgiveness God and living with abandon."

Care to join me?


  1. Hi Moonbean7,
    Thank you for your wise words. It can be easier to forgive others, rather than forgive ourselves, especially since we (I) have the perfection complex.
    I needed the reminder that God loves me and forgives me always!

    Thank you,
    Laurie Kane

  2. Ah Maggie, praise God that you are jumping off that horrible treadmill. One scripture that I go to frequently is Romans 8:1 "There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus." Thank you for sharing your heat here!


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