Tuesday, January 8, 2013

God Sized Dream

This is my first attempt at blogging. I am not sure just how to go about this but I want to move forward and do this so here goes.

I have been reading the emails from Holley Gerth and she has challenged us to share our God-sized Dreams. I have pondered this challenge for about 2 weeks. I have wondered and agonized over what in the world is MY God-sized dream. Do I dream? Have I even considered that thought that God would have me live beyond what I can accomplish myself. I know that God can do great things. As I think about it perhaps I have already been involved in a God-sized dream. God used me to sign in church and then to go on to sign songs as a special ministry. So perhaps I have had a dream and God blessed it. However, my hands have become arthritic and signing is now not a pretty thing. Hmmm could God have another "dream" for me.

The excitement of that thought makes me smile. I think of my friend who has a God-sized dream of starting a helping program for widows as she has experience 1st hand on exactly what these women need. I read the story one woman had about the bike ride and how Jesus is taking her on the ride of her life. Oh, how I long to do just that. I want to know Jesus more and more and be able to share that wonder with others. As I look at all the beautiful blogger that are taking the challenge they all seem to be young and just starting out their journey. My journey is winding down as is my body. Perhaps this is a way to share with women the things I have learned along the way. Please pray that God will reveal to me what He has for my God-sized dream


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