Monday, January 14, 2013

Small Things

As I read Holley's next "assignment" to just do something small I knew this one would be a little easier. It seemed to happen even before the date to begin. In church yesterday the topic was Nehemiah an Ordinary Man. The pastor related the story of Nehemiah who was the Cup Bearer to the King. The job didn't sound like much but then if you were the one that tasted the wine and died because an enemy poisoned it there wasn't much job security. The wall around Jerusalem had been torn down for about 150 years. It wasn't like Nehemiah just heard about it but it was God's timing that it made an A Ha moment for Nehemiah when he heard it that day. He was struck with such an overwhelming sadness and despair that it was noticed by the king and of all things asked what he could do to help. Well, Nehemiah had been in prayer and God had helped him lay out the needs so with the timing being God's perfect timing Nehemiah explained what he needed and the king agreed! In 52 days the wall that had been destroyed and in disrepair for 150 years was now repaired. God-sized dream? Absolutely! In God's time? Certainly! Nehemiah super human? Not! He was open and willing to be used by an extraordinary God. A small thing on the surface but when God gets involved things swing wide and wonderful results.

My small thing is to stay ready to be used by God in the work that He is already started and join Him in the God-sized dream he is preparing for me. "Here am I Lord send me!" Isaiah 6:8


  1. "He was open and willing to be used by an extraordinary God." My desire is to also be prepared and willing to move whenever He calls. I love that you used Nehemiah. His is a story that I have been studying and falling in love with over the last few months. In fact, I gave a message at a Ladies' conference using Nehemiah 8:1-13. I pray that God grant you patience and strength as you wait upon the Lord.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. The hardest part is the waiting and not trying to make things happen by myself.


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