Tuesday, January 29, 2013

God's Surprise!

As I glance back at the time I was sure that God had a specific direction for me, to learn sign language to help a wonderful woman to "hear" the sermon on Sunday mornings, I realize that He had something totally different in mind.

The last time that I learned a new language was in high school, and it only really mattered for the grade I would receive. This time is was very different. So I took class after class, stood in front of a mirror and practiced, finally I was ready to give it a shot. The deaf community is very patient and forgiving of "slow hands" and feeble attempts. I did what I thought God had set me on the journey to do. We then moved to a new state where my husbands job sent us and I was sure I was done with that dream.

God had another twist to His God-sized dream. I didn't have another deaf friend that needed this help but the desire to sign kept pushing me to take more classes and keep my fingers working. Then as my husband was channel surfing I saw the most wonderful thing I had ever seen, a group signing to a Christian song. The words seemed to become alive and speak directly to my heart. (even my channel surfing husband was touched). I knew then that God wasn't finished with me and He continued to make the path very clear. He put a wonderful woman and her husband in my life that worked with the deaf. God kept the gentle pushing up and we felt led, (I dragged my friend along for the moral support I lacked) to sign a song for our church. God had taken my feeble attempts to bring the words to life and touched others so they could "see" what He was saying.

So I guess in answer to Holley's question of what one thing helped me move forward was to prepare. I think that in the Bible the people that were called to God-sized dreams had a time of preparation, Paul the 3 years he spent before he gave his message, Moses, the time in the wilderness and so many others. I know that God is able to do anything with anyone, but He also prepares us to do the task he sets before us. So I guess the word would be prepare for your God-sized dream and wait for God to share his wonderful surprises with you.


  1. Good morning sister dreamer - God is so good...and so personal. Thank you for this personal post that touches my heart today.
    So grateful to be in the midst of such wonderful writers who speak God's truth to my heart.
    Can use extra prayer today ... my attention deficit is more active than usual.
    Have a wonderful day new friend. J

  2. Sweet sister dreamer - Thank you for your words of encouragement. My prayer is that God will give you a day that you are able to focus and feel His presence.


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