Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Tomorrow is CHRISTMAS! Have you read Luke 2 from the Bible where it tells the story of the birth of Jesus? I know you have read it "hundreds" of times. You hear it every Christmas when you go to church. Sometimes when we have heard something "hundreds" of times we tend to zone out and say " yeah, yeah I know that one."

Being a "question box" myself, I have to wonder about things. Did you know that we know the names of the Wise Men, Mary, Joseph, Jesus, but what were the shepherds names? Why didn't we get their names? They were the first to arrive and we don't have a clue what their names were.

Speaking of the shepherds, can you imagine what it must have been like to have the night sky become like day? On top of that an angel starts with, "don't be afraid." too late on that one! Then the whole place is pounding with singing angels! Wow.

Did you realize that the Wise Men, who were gentiles, knew that the King of kings was born and the Jewish leaders didn't have a clue and had to go back and check the records? Hmm gives you pause to think, right?

Was there anyone to help Mary have the baby? She was a teenager! Did she do this all by herself? What did Joseph know about birthing a baby? Wow, a miracle in itself that the two of them were able to do this. Hmm, more pondering!

Have you ever thought of the angels, who were so excited that they broke out in singing and praise and worship, how they looked on "God with us" in awe and wonder?

In Luke 2:19 it says:
19 But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.
Perhaps we all need to do a little more "pondering" about the Christ child. This Christmas ponder the Christmas story that you think you know too well. Ask yourself some questions, put yourself in someone else's shoes. What did they think, how did they feel?

I pray that the Christmas story becomes alive and a wonder to you this year as you ponder the Christ child anew! Merry Christmas.

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