Monday, December 30, 2013

You Got This?

I think I like commercials more than I like the programs on the television. There is a commercial out now that shows a husband and wife at a store and she has a huge pad of things they need to get. She is reading off the list when the husband takes the list from her and says, "why don't  you go get a yogurt, I got this!" She asks, "are you sure?" He reassures her that he is capable of completing the task. She walks away lighter and then you see the husband turn to the store clerk and he says, "You got this right?" To which the store clerk replies, with confidence as he takes the list from the husband, "I do got this!" This always seemed so funny to watch until it seemed to happen in my life just this past week.

Life was humming along quite well when I received a call from one of my children that things were not well and health was at the root of the call. It all seemed so hopeless as I listened to the frightened "child" of mine. I said to call the Doctor and make and appointment and that we would go together and get this all sorted out. {"I got this!"} As I hung up with my child, she was feeling more confident that she was not alone in all this, I however, felt anything but confident. This was my baby and she was frightened and hurting which in turn had me hurting. I stood there for a moment feeling the tears start and searching for a way to make this "better".

That still small voice suggested that I call those Christian friends that I have from all parts of the country and ask for prayer. I sent out the text, asking for prayer, feeling pretty low. It was mere seconds later that my phone chirped with a response, "I'm praying". Just two words but such comfort. For the next ten minutes or so my phone would chirp with another faithful friend taking my request before God. With each chirp my burden lightened until finally I was smiling and laughing at how that little chirp had lifted my head to the One that was telling me "I do got this!"

God is faithful and his steadfast love endures forever. In Isaiah 64:4b God is telling us, "I will act on your behalf as you wait for Me."  The Lord brought to my mind that I needed to pray and seek help in doing that as my mind was so muddled. I "don't got this" but I know Who does! Thank you Father.

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