Wednesday, May 20, 2015


How truly enlightening was Holley's blog today! I so needed it. There were two things from the Wayne Jacobsen quote that caught my eye.
  1. I must let God disconnect me from the guilt
  2. I must simply acknowledge I feel that guilt and shame and then offer it to God.
Then I read another devotional this morning and the words that jumped off the screen said,
"When self pity settles in failure is lurking nearby."

Reading these words today got me to thinking about all the guilt I seem to carry around. It seems that self-pity jumps into the fray and once again I fail at the victorious life.
These words give me hope and the strength to carry on in spite of the wrongs that flood my mind when I struggle to move forward. While I was thinking about the prompt for this week, “that God sees my life in a wildly different way” than I see it had me stretch my imagination and my faith. Just to think that God can take all this mess that I seem to have created and turn it in to a wonderful success with all the people involved makes me want to think in brand new ways.
Just to know that He has forgiven me and can take the jumble of my life that to me, looks like a mess of knots and mixed matched threads, and turn it into a beautiful looking tapestry makes me sit and just thank Him. God in his gracious love for me was speaking loud and clear today. I read Philippians that I need to run the race and “forget what is in the past, and press on to win the race.”  Wow, to put the past where it needs to stay and not be tempted to bring it out and rehash things that now I have no control over which will then lead me to failure! UGH! No I want to take it and give it to God and let him weave it into that victorious life. I do not want to travel the road to failure but press on to strain to win my race. I want to let God disconnect me from the guilt.

How about you are you struggling with guilt and the rerun of things in the past that lead to self-pity which leads you to failure? Each time you feel  yourself falling into this pit of despair stop and turn it over to God ask for forgiveness and let it all stay with Him. He has a "wildly different" way to make your life beautiful. He loves you so!

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  1. Amen! I loved Holley's letter/post today as well and I love it when God uses multiple things in a short period of time to confirm something to us! It sounds like He did that... or is doing it still - for you! I love the Scripture that tells us that our sins are removed as far as the east is from the west... how God forgives and doesn't think on them anymore (unlike us, right?) I think we tend to try to remind Him of our past mistakes and failures, but He has already forgiven them... they are gone. Praise God, they are gone!


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