Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Two Notes

I am a morning person. I love to get up to see the sunrise and see the beginning of a new day. It is quiet and I can spend this time with God. Its a great way get my day going the right direction.

For the last few weeks I have beat the birds up. [yeah I know a little scary] I like birds, the way they seem to sing praises to their Creator the first thing when they wake up. Some have this long song and it is beautiful to hear. Each one is so different. They all seem to say wake up and get a move on.

The other morning as I was listening to the stillness come alive with the birds waking up and starting their praise chorus, I hear this one bird's song, 2 notes. Yep that was his repertoire! Just 2 notes. It kind of sounded  like  one of those old swings at the playground. You know the ones. They have a group of chains that link to a sturdy metal rail at the top and they make that sound as you go up then a sound when you come down.

This bird was singing his heart out with only 2 notes. [up and down] No warble. No scale of notes, No mesmerizing tune. Just those same 2 notes. He isn't bothered that others are singing a cantata all by themselves. He just continues to belt out his 2 notes.

Its funny but now I listen specifically for Little 2 Note. It makes me smile when I finally hear him singing.

I got to thinking about how some of us only have those 2 notes to sing "our songs". We can't cook like the neighbor down the street but we are able to make tasty and nutritious meals for our family. We can't pray like that Godly woman who seems to get us right to the heart of God. We can however step into the throne room of God and speak with him quietly and come away refreshed and free. We can't seem to understand all the Bible is telling  us like those Women of Faith that go to conferences we attend to learn more of God. But there are some days when the light bulb flashes and we see exactly what God has for us.

Perhaps we only have "2 notes" but we, like that little bird, need to take those "2 notes" and sing our hearts out with our praise to the One that gave them to us. We need to stop comparing ourselves to others to see what we are missing. Instead we need to be so very thankful for the gifts we already have. Perhaps as I specifically listen for Little 2 Note God is specifically listen to you and you make Him smile!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!!!!!!!!!! I am quick to chide myself for not doing or being more like so and so... but to hone in on my "2 notes" and do them well may be my new way of approaching those sneaky comparison feelings. ♥♥

  2. what a beautiful, sweet post. Simple and elegant like the bird singing 2 notes, and with a fine message! visiting from Coffee for the Heart


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